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Swimming interview "sunyang is accepting

2022-06-24 23:36Swimming teaching course
Summary: As the ceiling of the domestic swimming industry, how did sunyang do it? How much sweat has been paid behindIf you can insist on this result, you can also show what you have trained before, "Sun Ya
As the ceiling of the domestic swimming industry, how did sunyang do it? How much sweat has been paid behind
If you can insist on this result, you can also show what you have trained before, "Sun Yang said in an interview. It is no exaggeration to say that Sun Yang is the first swimmer in China, buSwimming interview  t it is not easy to win the gold medal. Sun Yang is a legend, but this legend is also built by the sweat behind itWhat questions should be asked when interviewing parents of primary and secondary school students in swimming class
Just ask questions about safety and healthNational Swimming Championships, interview swimmers before the competition, list more specific
1; How are you this year? 2; What is your goal in this competition? 3; What is your estimate of the competitors in this event or your position in this eventHow to do anSwimming interview  interview about the swimming pool
How is the working time of the swimming pool arranged? What safety measures have been taken? How is the water quality guaranteed? Charge standard? When did many people come? Who are the most likely people to swim? Could you tell us something about the inspection by the regulatory authorities? What powerful management measures have the natatorium taken? EtcInterview outline (about a swimming coach)
He is a member of the Swimming interview  Chinese team of men's and women's team total score champion and men's team champion in the diving competition of the fourth World Swimming Championships, and won the national springboard diving champion. In 1986, he won the champion of men's springboard diving in the 10th Asian Games and the runner up of men's springboard diving in the World Diving Championships. Won the national sports Medal of honor twiceI quit the swimming team because of my good figure. I was scolded for covering my chest during the interview. Did my good figure become a burden_ Baidu
She is chenxiaojin, who once acted in the TV drama "Ruyi Zhuan" about the fire. In the play, she plays Ruixin, a loyal maid who has always been with Ruyi. But you know what? Besides being an actress, she used to be an athlete. When Chen XiaSwimming interview  ojin was a swimmer, she was interviewed once, but she was too exposedWho is the female reporter who interviewed the Chinese swimming team at the Rio Olympic Games
The male foreigner in the coaching group of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the Rio Olympic Games is the team interpreter of the Chinese women's volleyball team. The Chinese name is Jian JieThe French men's swimming team The one who was interviewed by CCTV 5 after the 200 meter relay and can speak American English fluently
Sun Yang
If you have any questions about the interview with the students in the school swimming pool, you can ask funnel questions or inverted funnel questions
Are there many people swimming in the school swimming pool? Are there many men or women? What age group are most? What problems do you think exist in the management of the swimming pool? What are some good suggestions for improvement? (add: Why are there fewer girls? How about the water quality? How about the safety measures? Is the charge reasonable? How to set the opening hours? Etc.)
Swimmer fuyuanhui said in an interview after the competition that I have surpassed myself. I think the result is still
"I have surpassed myself, and I think (the result) is still very good... I am very satisfied with my performance." Fu Yuanhui's words and deeds show that she can correctly understand herself, has a healthy sense of competition, and is an important embodiment of mental health and maturity. The view of option ① ④ is correct
Swimming interview "sunyang is accepting

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