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Natatorium layout reasonable layout

2022-07-02 03:52Swimming teaching course
Summary: How is the air outlet of the dehumidification and ventilation system of the swimming pool generally arrangedThe layout form of the air outlet is mainly determined according to the indoor floor height,
How is the air outlet of the dehumidification Natatorium layout  reasonable layoutand ventilation system of the swimming pool generally arranged
The layout form of the air outlet is mainly determined according to the indoor floor height, the temperature and humidity requirements of the indoor design, and the cooling and heating loads. The layout mode adopts a reasonable circulation mode, so that the space area can provide uniform air supply and return as much as possible. The spacing between the two adjacent air outlets is generally recommended to be about 4m, depending on the site requirementsWhat kind of wall tiles should be used for the wall layout of the baby swimming pool
What is good for the wall layout of the swimming pool? Let's have a look&# 65279; WaNatatorium layout  reasonable layoutll layout of baby natatorium glazed tiles & \65279; Glazed tiles (called enamel) made of clay are dark red on the back. High absorption rate and relatively low resistance. Enamel tiles (commonly known as enamel), that is, the background color of gray white porcelain clay. ItHow deep is the water in the deep water area and shallow water area in the swimming pool
As follows: the regular swimming pool is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide, with an average water depth of 1.50 meters; The 50 meter swimming pool is divided into shallow water area and deep water area. The shallow water area is 1.20-1.50 meters, the deep water area is 1.50-1.80 meters, and the middle drainage of the deep water area is 2 meters deep; You should warm up before you go into the water when you just learn swimming, and study in shallow waterTypes of natatoriums
① Competition hall: it is used for swimming, water polo, diving and other sports competitions and performances, with stands, which are usually used for training. ② Training hall: it is specially used for athletes' training. It has swimming and diving equipment, with only a small number of observation seats and no stands. ③ Indoor public swimming pool: for public exercise, recreation, rest, medical use, layoutHow to write the design description of the swimming pool
Generally, only swimming venues that need to undertake major events will be used, such as the Olympic Games swimming pool. According to the above analysis, the downstream circulation mode of the swimming pool in this design. Calculation of circulating water volume circulating water volume is the main data for designing mechanical circulating equipment, which is generally calculated according to the following formula according to the number of cycles. Q=V/(A。
Where should the notice board of the swimming pool be placed
(6) Relevant records: including swimming pool water quality circulating purification and disinfection records, water quality monitoring records, public supplies cleaning and disinfection rNatatorium layout  reasonable layouteplacement records, self inspection records, training and assessment records, centralized air conditioning and ventilation system cleaning and disinfection records, etc. (7) Relevant data and certificates: including relevant laws and regulationsWhat procedures should be followed to establish a swimming pool
There are no other requirements. Swimming pools can be built alone, or together with other sports facilities to form a comprehensive sports center, or attached to schools, hotels, parks, etc. The design points are as follows: ① the building layout should consider the three functional divisions of athletes, spectators and management, and the pedestrian routes should not interfere with each otherWhat should be considered when arranging the air duct in the swimming pool? Is there any place where the air duct can not be used
To choose a good fiber fabric air duct, material assurance is the basic guarantee of system quality. Because the materials fail to meet the fire protection requirements, the fire acceptance of the whole project will be blocked or there will be fire hazards, so choose good materials. Fiber materials are divided into three types according to fire resistance: 1 Ordinary polyester fiber: low costWhat tuyeres are generally used in the ventilation system of a standard natatorium, and how much wind speed should be controlled
(1). The swimming pool building must adopt the design concept of air conditioning zoning, and the office can be equipped with separate or window type air conditioning to save the electricity cost of air conditioning in the future. (2). Ventilation rate: the swimming pool area should have 6-8 times of ventilation per hour. The calculation of ventilation rate must refer to ASHRAE standard 62, with the swimming pool area (including the walkways around the swimming pool, not
Ganzhou indoor swimming pool
A large swimming pool will be built in the Municipal Sports Center, which is expected to be completed in June next year (that is, in June this year). InNatatorium layout  reasonable layout order to further improve the supporting facilities of the Municipal Sports Center, the municipal government recently decided to build a comprehensive swimming pool and other construction projects in the Municipal Sports Center. The foundation of the natatorium will be laid on the 28th of this month, and the whole project is expected to be completed in June next year. According to
Natatorium layout reasonable layout

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