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The swimming pool is popping do you have any medicine

2022-06-26 12:05Self Swimming Teaching
Summary: Prepuce is too long and the girlfriend has sex after the girlfriend can have trichomonal vaginitis how to do, what medicine is thereAnswer: Problem Analysis:; General trichomonal vaginitis is caused b
Prepuce is too long and the girlfriend has sex after the girlfriend can have trichomonal vaginitis how to do, what medicine is there
Answer: Problem Analysis:; General trichomonal vaginitis is caused by the pathogenic Trichomonas vaginalis, which is transmitted through sexual intercourse or indirectly (through baths, bathtubs, swimming pools, clothes, dressings and contaminated medical devices). It is mainly manifested as pruritus of vulva, increased leucorrhea, leucorrhea in the form of pale yellow foam, and leucorrhea can be mixed with blood in severe casesI am 53 years old this year. How is it that a small amount of blood appears in the vagina after sexual intercourse. It happened half a year ago
2) Gonorrhea -- caused by unclean sexual life, can be treated with drugs. 3) Vaginitis -- it is easy for those who have not been cured of genital inflammation such as trichomonal vaginitis and mycotic vaginitis, as well as those who often use public toilets and swim in public swimming pools. At this time, we must avoid sexual life, otherwise it may aggravate the diseaseIs it The swimming pool is popping  do you have any medicinepregnant to go swimming with men during menstruation
There are two factors to consider: one is that your endocrine may be in trouble; Second, you are infected with pathogenic bacteria, because the swimming pool is generally very dirty. Some people carry bacteria and the water in the pool is not replaced in time after swimming, causing bacteria to multiply and infect others. Absolutely rule out the possibility that you will be pregnant after swimming, because: 1 Not yetThese wonderful love experiences are enough to enrich your life
At 12 o'clock in the evening, we went to the swimming pool of the hotel for a swim. The moonlight was hazy and the cool wind was blowing. We went down in silence. The pressure of the water was so great that it fell out several times. 7. When she called her mother that time, I couldn't help but do it. Suddenly, I would call out accidentallyCan women with abnormal leucorrhea have sex
This inflammation can be transmitted directly through sexual intercourse or indirectly through public baths, bath towels, swimming pools, toilets, clothes, etc. Often accompanied by vulva itching, or sexual intercourse pain and other clinical reactions. If a woman suffers from trichomonal vaginitis, both husband and wife should check it together. Otherwise, they may infect each other again in their sexual lifeWhat are the symptoms of bleeding during intercourse
TrichomoniThe swimming pool is popping  do you have any medicineasis: a sexually transmitted disease, usually caused by protozoa, that can also be transmitted to newbThe swimming pool is popping  do you have any medicineorn babies by infected mothers during childbirth. Sometimes, the virus is transmitted from tap water, urination at night, toilet seats and swimming pools. This disease can cause vaginitis. 7. Vaginal yeast infection: excessive fungal growth in the vaginaWill swimming in the swimming pool make girls pregnant
You said that we always meet so many people who are not pregnant to do assisted childbirth. Is it too good for them to be pregnant? It's so annoying that people compare with each other. " Brother Miao did not lift his head and continued reading: "did you eat too much fat at noon? Your head was short circuited by oil paste! You can get pregnant in the swimming pool? Why didn't you say you shot an arrow from here
I want to go to the hot spring. I haven't been there. I don't know whether it's like a swimming pool or a bathhouse. Do you wear swimming trunks
Not necessarily. Some hot springs are mixed, some are separated, and some are small hot spring boxes. You can book a small hot spring box for only two of you. As for what you wear or not, no one cares about you
Who is the woman who kisses Daniel Wu in the swimming pool in the movie "disciples"
It's not Zhang Jingchu. It's Ho Mei Tin and wuyanzu's swimming pool. The Zhongling Zhang Jingchu's passionate play in the huangrihua version of Tianlong eight is on the sofa
Do you have a good rhythm for the ventilation frequency and kick frequency of Freestyle? In addition, after the arm enters the water
The kick frequency is divided into the long pool frequency and the short pool frequency. The long pool refers to those with a swimming distance of more than 1000 meters. In this way, the kick method is to slap the legs twice with one hand, or simply use the legs as a tool to maintain body balance, because the crawl, that is, 80% of the speed of the so-called freestyle of the landlord, is provided by the rowing hands
The swimming pool is popping do you have any medicine

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