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Swimming runny nose to prevent infection

2022-07-02 16:05Elementary Swimming Teaching
Summary: Runny nose after swimmingThere are a lot of allergens that induce rhinitis in the swimming pool. Runny nose after swimming is mainly caused by a large number of disinfectants in the pool. In order to
Runny nose after swimming
There are a lot of allergens that induce rhinitis in the swimming pool. Runny nose afteSwimming runny nose  to prevent infectionr swimming is mainly caused by a large number of disinfectants in the pool. In order to prevent infection, the swimming pool puts disinfectant bleaching powder into the swimming pool. The main component of bleaching powder is sodium hypochlorite, which has a stimulating effect on nasal mucosa. After being choked, water containing bleaching powder enters the noseMy nose is stuffy and runny as soon as I swim
If the water in the swimming pool is dirty, it is easy to stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause reactive hyperplasia of the nasal mucosa if you are exposed to a large amount of dirty water during swimming. On the other hand, it will start the self purification of the nasal cavity, which will secrete a lot of secretions to clean these dirty thingsWhy do you always sneeze and have a runny nose after swimming
If the pool water is too cold, the swimming time is too long, and the resistance is weak, it is easy to catch a cold and sneezeWhy do you automatically have a runny nose when swimming
The pool water has certain irritation to the nose, especially when the swimmer's nose is fragile and has a root cause, it will cause runny noseWhat iSwimming runny nose  to prevent infectionf I catch a cold and have a runny nose after swimming every time
Answer: Problem Analysis: considering the pathological changes of upper respiratory tract infection, most of them are due to weak physique and lack of preparation before swimming, resulting in the invasion of external wind and cold evil Qi into the body, resulting in congestion and edema of mucous membrane of respiratory tract, increased secretion of glands, inflammation, which leads to runny nose, nasal congestion and other symptomsHow to sneeze with stuffy nose after swimming
This is how I solve it now: don't swim continuously in the chlorinated pool for too long. I used to swim continuously, but now I can't. just stand up and breathe after a round trip, because the concentration of chlorine near the water surface is too high. Here, it is also recommended that swimmers don't swim long in the indoor poolWhy do I sneeze and have a runny nose as soon as I finish swimming
Very normal phenomenon. Because you get a lot of water into your nSwimming runny nose  to prevent infectionose when you swim. A large amount of water entering the nasal cavity will strongly stimulate the nasal mucosa. At that time, you will feel hot in the depths of the nose and feel like crying. What's more, water containing strong oxidizing chlorine? Sneezing and runny nose is the self-protection function of the nasal cavity - to remove foreign bodies in the nasal cavityHurry!! Every time after swimming, my nose is always stuffed and runny. What's the matter? What should we do_ Baidu
It is estimated that you have choked water several times when swimming. If you swim in a correct posture, you will not choke water basically. Try to swim with your nose in the state of exhaling outward. After you swim, breaSwimming runny nose  to prevent infectionthe a little water into your nose when taking a shower, and then Xing outward. Just repeat it several timesRunning nose when swimming
Because the five senses are interlinked, when exhaling in the water, on the one hand, it is out of instinctive protection against the stimulation of disinfectants in the water; On the other hand, as long as it is ventilated, the breath will be discharged outward, so the secretion, impurities and waste gas in the "channel" will be discharged along the breath, which is a good way to detoxify, so don't worryWhat is the reason for stuffy nose and runny nose after each swim
This situation is related to the improper water temperature or temperature when swimming every time. It is considered that there is allergic reaction in nasal mucosa
Swimming runny nose to prevent infection

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