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Shenyang swimming card the owner is required

2022-07-02 03:17Elementary Swimming Teaching
Summary: Shenyang Institute of physical education swimming pool telephone, swimming can do annual card, monthly card, what priceExpect, 20 to 30 in other placesWho knows how to handle the swimming card price o
Shenyang Institute of physical education swimming pool telephone, swimming can do annual card, monthly card, what price
Expect, 20 to 30 in other places
Who knows how to handle the swimming card price of Shenyang Vanke Four Seasons flower city
The requirement is the owner
What are the swimming pools in Shenyang Hunnan New Area??? How much do you charge now? How much is the annual card
It seems that the Olympic sports is not completely open to the outside world, and the construction university is not open to the outside world. The Zhengda natatorium near Jianda has annual katzika and the like, and the price is relatively cheap, that is, it is relatively small ~ Riverside New Town will be cheaper for owners
How much is a swimming card in Shenyang
The major natatoriums are generally between 500-700, and there is no big fluctuation. It may be that the north is relatively cheaper. Other better ones are generally about 700, but the large natatoriums are also comfortable to swim
What is the charge standard for handling the annual card of Shenyang northeast university natatorium
The filtration of colleges and universities is still reassuring. The water quality is absolutely excellent. There are too many people. People change clothes and shower. But I personally think it should be one of the best water quality in Shenyang. There is a swipe card at the door with a minimum of 18 yuan at a time. A large pool is 50 meters long and a small poolWhat about Shenyang Gold Coast swimming tube
There are alsoShenyang swimming card  the owner is required children playing in the poolShenyang swimming card  the owner is required. Playing in the water is the best parent-child time for a family of three. On such a hot day, bring your baby to play in the water. The water is kept at a constant temperature of 27.5 ℃, and the circulating water is filtered for 24 hours.Shenyang swimming card  the owner is required The water quality is clear. Look at the pictureShenyang natatorium ticket price, say in detail, such as annual card, sub card and so on
Address of Shenyang natatorium: No. 65, Nansan Road, Heping District (opposite the South Gate of Zhongshan Park), business hours: weekend 10:00-21:00, Monday to Friday 11:30-21:00, ticket price: adult 30 yuanTicket prices and introduction of major natatoriums in Shenyang
Shenyang Liaoning Friendship Hotel FriendshipShenyang swimming card  the owner is required Palace Huanggu District Huanghe North Street No. 1 ticket leave: 15 yuan, holiday 20 yuan Heping District Shenyang natatorium: located at No. 65, South Third Road, Heping District, business hours from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., single ticket price of 15 yuan, annual card of 700 yuan, now buy the annual card with a sun umbrella as a giftIs the swimming pool in Shenyang Hunnan northeast yucaili open to the public? How much is the ticket? How much is the card? Season card
When opening to the outside world, you can pay cash. I can't remember how much it is. It seems that it's 8 yuan a time
Which swimming pool in Shenyang is suitable for monthly card with student ID card
The ticket price of Shenyang natatorium is 15 for adults (it seems to be rising now), and the student ticket (get the student card) is 10 for unlimited time. It is next to Zhongshan Park, and the natatorium of Northeast University, a water sports school on Nanjing Street, but it is relatively small. It's on Wenhua Road, south of Nanhu Park. The provincial government swimming pool can also offer discounts, in Beiling Street
Shenyang swimming card the owner is required

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