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Kuntai swimming 1 in several lanes

2022-06-26 06:49Elementary Swimming Teaching
Summary: Who knows the current price list of Kuntai natatorium400 yuan ten times, 50 for each timeBeijing five star hotel natatorium which comparison valueThe roads are all 1.65m, and those who dare not swim i
Who knows the current price list of Kuntai natatorium
400 yuan ten times, 50 for each time
Beijing five star hotel natatorium which comparison value
The roadKuntai swimming  1 in several laness are all 1.65m, and those who dare not swim in deep water can only swim at 1.6m. The Kuntai Hotel is near Longze, Huilongguan. The water is very clear. The standard international swimming lane looks like the water PK of the water cubeHuilongguan Kuntai swimKuntai swimming  1 in several lanesming pool and Soko swimming pool
Kuntai's is usually a person of 50, limited to two hours. The card handling fee is 26000 yuan, 100 times, 26 times. Annual card. Also limited to two hours. The one in the northeast corner is a swimming pool with different gyms. You need to get a gym card. The price varies according to their seasons. After the annual pass, you can swim at any time. No extra chargeWhere is the swimming pool in Changping
Changping Longmai hot spring natatorium: Tel.: 010-65211616 admission: Longmai hot spring indoor natatorium admission: 100 yuan for adults, half price for children (less than 1.4 meters) location: located in Xiaotangshan, Changping, on the central axis of the Forbidden City, 20 kilometers away from the urban area: covering an area of 280 mu overview: Longmai hot spring resort is located in Xiaotangshan, ChangpingWhere does Beijing Huilongguan have a swimming pool
Swimming pool of Kuntai Hotel, Tel: (010) 5991005
Does anyone know how much the natatorium card in Beijing Kuntai Hotel costs
81795588 is the telephone number of Beijing Kuntai Hotel for consultation. The single 50 yuan monthly card is 300 yuan / the 10 times quarterly card is 750 yuan / the 30 times semi annual card is 1350 yuan / the 50 times annual card is 2600 yuan / 100 times (the price is preferential until August 24, 2008). Note: the time limit is 2 hours in summer / 3 hours in winterHow much is the swimming pool of Wangjing Kuntai Hotel? Can I get a card
Looking for a swimming pool near Huilongguan, Beijing
Huilongguan Kuntai swimming pool, in the swimming pool of Huilongguan Kuntai Hotel, international standard swimming pool (50 25 meters, 10 lanes), 15 yuan / time, get off at Kuntai Hotel at 625 Longxing Park, Jinbang Park, Huilongguan District, 407307344 express, get off at the swimming pool in the natural beauty fitness club at 6Kuntai swimming  1 in several lanes18699625 North Suburb Farm Bridge EastHow deep is the water in Kuntai natatorium
The deepest one seems to be about 3 meters, which is prepared for synchronized swimming! The depth of the shallow water area of the swimming pool is only 80-120 cm. Swimmers do not need to provide a deep-water certificate, while the deep-water area of 2 meters on the other side has to undergo strict physical examination and deep-water testWhich is the Huilongguan natatorium good? What about theKuntai swimming  1 in several lanes price
The natatorium of Beijing Sport University is open from 6:30 to 8:30 every night. It is open from 12:30 to 4:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening. The charge is 20 yuan. You can go to the ticket office of the school's swimming pool to ask for your card
Kuntai swimming 1 in several lanes

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